Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My One-Step Corporate World Exit Strategy

Make your idea/dream/start-up venture your

#1 Priority.

Yes, that is it, everything else will follow suit. If you truly want to do your own thing, you have to make it the most important thing in your life, both personally and professionally. Every decision needs to be focused on how you can sustain yourself so that you can work on your start-up. Yes, there are risks, but your financial situation is not an excuse to go for what you want in life. Start saving, cut back on expenses, and invest in the future. Be able to distinguish your needs from your wants. Ideally, save enough so that you can sustain yourself for 6 months to 1 year, but even a couple of months can provide the opportunity to seize your dreams. Even though you might not be getting a regular paycheck, you are developing yourself professionally.

IF you reach to a critical point where you NEED a regular paycheck, you can add this amazing experience to your resume and make yourself even more marketable. I can promise you that you will learn more, experience more, and do more than you have ever imagined. The skills you will learn are commendable in your professional development and can translate back into the corporate world, should you decide to go back. I do not recommend it.

To share a piece from a post from Jason Goldeberg, Founder and CEO of FAB (thanks Josh G. for the share!):

"It’s really hard. It’s intense. It’s a struggle. It’s ambiguous. It changes a lot. It’s all consuming. It’s a lot of sausage making. It’s working weekends to hit numbers and dates. It’s stretching people beyond their comfort zone. It’s insisting on doing it better even when it’s already pretty good. It’s being brutally honest about gaps and weaknesses. It’s one day you’re headed in one direction and the next day another, because the first move wasn’t the best move. It’s being ok with things not working because that creates opportunities to learn how to fix it.

It’s a fucking startup."

It is time to turn that dream into a reality. You have one life, make the most from it.