Friday, May 24, 2013

Stressful Departure

Nothing like waking up to hear that your Finance guy has decided to step down, it was a disappointment but it was my risk to choose someone that is risk averse and not a risk taker. I know for myself, I'm a risk taker and I have gotten far in my career, and hopefully with this start-up, because of it. Do I bring on another Finance person or do I keep my team leaner? Stress #1.

On the same day, I scrambled around to clear out my apt for the final sale, Stress #2, and to make it to the airport to find out that the weather caused our flights to DC to be cancelled, making us miss our connecting flights to Dubai, Stress #3. The perfect stress trifecta?

However, without the support of my friends and family, I would not be able to push through. I wanted thank my Jersey Boys (Sims, Urkasian, and Paul), Alyssa, Leslie, Dallas, and Brinda for coming out the night before to wish Rich and myself off onto our new adventure. Much love.

Finally, I want to thank one of my best friends from Penn State, Christine, who accommodated us in DC while we try to make our way to India. Always good to catch up with her!

Hopefully, the weather holds out and we can finally head out to Dubai today!

TT Lesson Learn: What I hate most is owing people anything, which is the reason why I was so easy to free up shares of my company to people that worked for me on this venture. However, what I have learned, to test a person's entrepreneurial mindset, give them at least a year before offering any company shares. Loyalty, dedication, and risk are components of an entrepreneur.

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