Friday, September 20, 2013

What is your address?

August 5th, landed back in the States, grabbed a haircut and hit up a steakhouse for the best piece of beef I have ever tasted in my life... ahhh it was good to be back!

Before heading back home to Dallas, Richard and I headed to the AKPsi Convention in New Orleans to meet up with Ravi and Pria where we marketed MeSocial and handed out promotional sunglasses. It was the first time the team went to "sell" MeSocial to a crowd where the majority of the people we did not know. It was great practice for us to talk about and show off our product. After a couple of crazy nights of binge eating and drinking on the dirty streets of Bourbon St (by the way, which smells worst than India!), we headed to Houston to catch up with my sister and brother-in-law. Afterwards we road trip it to San Antonio, Austin, and then headed home to Dallas.... 2 weeks after I landed.

After 2 weeks in Dallas, I headed to Philadelphia to get some of my things which was being stored at Ravi's place. For Philly, as much as I despise it, it was not half bad since I was able to enjoy it without having some event to attend. It was great to catch up with old work colleagues, talk business opportunities, and grab a couple of drinks with friends/AKPsi bros.

Now off to New York, first stop to CT to catch up with my old work boss, wow, cannot believe it has been 4 months since I left Corporate America! What I love about being an entrepreneur is talking to others who are inspired to be one as well. I was able to do that with a buddy of mine as he looked to get this non-profit venture going. The 1ME team met up on Saturday to hold our all-hands on deck meeting, but first we hit Bryant Park to give out the remaining MeSocial sunglasses. With the team together, sitting in a rented meeting room, it made this company even more real... if that make sense, haha. It was great talking about next steps and we realize the tall mountain that we had to climb in the coming months. Ended the day catching up with friends and was that a mess, sorry NYC. If I could describe that night in a few words, it would be: Open Bar, Surprise Birthday Cake, Rainbow Shots, Pizza Pub, and 4 AM Friend Chicken. When I was not doing work, I was able to enjoy NYC, from runs along the Hudson River and in Central park to simply just strolling through Times Square. It is a shame I never took advantage of that when I was living there, lesson learned. NYC, you are a high-energy, ambitious city, I miss you.

As I spend my last week back in Dallas, I had an opportunity to meet an entrepreneur who created his software company from the ground up and then later sold it. What an inspiration and how motivational it was as I listen to him talk about his path and struggles... in short, it can be done if you are willing to give everything up! Looking forward to hearing his advice as I push the company along. Finally, ended my stay in the states with walking my Mom down the aisle, what a gorgeous person she is.

Throughout my time back in the States, I was asked many times what my address was... and funny enough, ever since I sold my place, I really do not have one. I was truly a nomad, with my stuff in Philly and temporary homes in India, at home in Dallas, and in Philly/NYC... crazy.

September 15th, back to India. After 6 weeks, I was antsy to get back to work with the team face to face but this time with a lot more support, motivation, and confidence. And that was what I got during my time in the States, so lets go! Many thanks to my friends that reached out to me during this time, much love!

TT Advice: Opportunities come and they go faster, so do not expect the same one again and do not expect it to sit around.

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